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Nancy Baker Cahill-HOLLOWPOINT
  assume vivid astro -    ANTES VULGAR AGORA FINO    ANTES VULGAR AGORA FINO repurposes paint marker blots used in the making of drawings. Originally imagined as a wall paper piece, ANTES VULGAR AGORA FINO ( which loosely translates to ‘once trash, now fabulous’) is a multi-dimensionally resonant extravaganza. ANTES VULGAR AGORA FINO was first exhibited in 2012 in collaboration with MAM São Paulo. It took the form of a 3D mapped projection onto the dome of Oscar Niemeyer’s OCA building in Parque do Ibirapuera.   
  Kenzo Minami:  THE HYPNOTIST    With “THE HYPNOTIST”  Kenzo Minami reconstructs and represents a different interpretation of reality. Revealing within it, the true system of the cosmos - both the layered reality and the orchestration behind it. Here one action leads to another and everything connects. Every gesture has a purpose and function- in and of itself as well as part of the whole. Object and construct- two worlds interacting and intertwined. Two sides working in unison. Two worlds in circular motion. The duality of reality. Kenzo Minami’s practice of meticulous mindfulness in the graceful shape of a mandala echoes our perpetual impermanence. At once a warning and a blessing: this too shall pass.
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